Isaiah Speight

My name is Isaiah Speight and I am originally from Portsmouth, VA. I am currently a 5th Year Chemistry Ph.D. candidate at Vanderbilt University. My research focuses on inorganic mechanochemistry and organometallic chemistry. I got my B.S. in chemistry from Norfolk State University. I was blessed with many amazing mentors that helped me get into chemistry at all points of my journey. From my dad encouraging me to get into science, to my high school chemistry teacher really helping me discover chemistry, through undergrad and even in grad school. My career goal is to serve as a professor at an HBCU or MSI teaching organic and organometallic chemistry while also developing an organometallic mechanochemistry research program. Along with the teaching and research I want to be a mentor, a guide, and a career coach to my students. Helping them pursue advanced degrees and take the steps to propel them to greatness, similar to how my advisors and mentors helped me.

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