Anne Ampaw

Anna Ampaw

I am a 4th year PhD student at the University of Ottawa in the Chemistry department. My research focuses on discovering and synthesizing small molecule carbohydrates that will inhibit ice growth during the cryopreservation of biological samples. By decreasing the growth of ice we will decrease the damage that occurs during freezing and thawing, therefore …

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Imari Walker

Imari Walker Karega

Imari is an analytical chemist, environmental engineer, and oceanographer. Her travels have influenced her concern for the future of clean accessible water and our growing islands of plastic pollution in the sea. Imari Walker completed her Bachelors in Marine Science at University of California, Berkeley and is a PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering at Duke …

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Konadu Destiny

Completed my undergraduate studies at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology- Ghana (2020) of which I majored in computational Chemistry. Hoping I get the chance to explore much at the graduate school. I’m much passionate about chemistry especially the research aspect with the hope of solving some of the world’s problems from the lab.

Candice Ulmer

Candice Z. Ulmer, Ph.D.

Dr. Candice Z. Ulmer, a native of South Carolina, graduated from the College of Charleston in 2012 with a B. S. in Chemistry and Biochemistry. While at the College of Charleston, Candice investigated the pharmaceutical photodegradation of NSAIDs using ESI-LC-MS/MS under the direction of Dr. Wendy Cory. Dr. Ulmer graduated (May 2016) with a PhD …

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Aaron Brock

Aaron Brock

I’m a PhD student in the Biochemistry department at Virginia Tech! My passion for understanding how bacteria interact with the world around them and their host got me to where I am today. My research focuses on understanding the regulation behind the cellular growth and division of Borrelia burgdorferi — the causative agent of Lyme …

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Lawal Olanrewaju Idriz

I am Lawal O. Idriz, a chemistry student (Undergraduate) at the University of Ibadan. I use to like more of practical reactions that the ones written on paper, that’s my drive towards studying chemistry. Plus I like research and solving problems.

Samantha Mensah

Samantha Theresa Mensah

#BlackInChem co-founder here Samantha Theresa Mensah checkin’ in! I earned my BS in Chemistry with a minor in nanotechnolgy from the University of Central Florida. I am currently a PhD candidate at UCLA studying materials chemistry. I am passionate about science policy and entrepreneurship!

Dr. Fahima Idiris

Dr. Fahima Idiris

I am currently a Process Chemist working at a CRO in Hertfordshire, England. Prior to transitioning to industry, I completed Postdoctoral studies at UCL in Drug Discovery and Imperial College in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. I obtained my PhD in Chemistry from Queen Mary University of London where I developed my passion for Chemistry and teaching. …

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Desiré Whitmore

Desiré Whitmore

I am the Sr. Physics Educator at the Exploratorium in San Francisco– the museum of science, art, and human perception. My PhD is in Chemical and Material Physics, and I am known as the Laserchick! Before becoming an educator, I was an ultrafast spectroscopist designing and building femtosecond (10^-15 s) and attosecond (10^-18 s) laser …

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Adam Simpson

Adam Simpson

Adam M.-A. Simpson is an SGF and NSF GRFP Fellow in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at Stanford University. He achieved his BS in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University where he became a member of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society and received the Geoffrey D. Parfitt Award for Excellence in Research …

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